January 26, 2021


Founded in Austin, Texas in 2019, FA_MUS Now is a revolutionary eCommerce platform that provides shoppable video, live-stream interaction, and real-time engagement. A better way to shop from anywhere! The personalized in-store shopping experience in the palm of your hand.


To create a brand identity system that captures the essence of an interactive video commerce platform that structurally integrates the fusion of an F&N to create a diamond like shape. A patterning system was birthed out of this design that creates a helix like shape expressing a change in the DNA of shopping.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy, Marketing Coordination and Direction, Campaigning

  • Design

    Branding, Identity Design, Guideline System, UI/UX, Custom Media Kit, Animation & Video, Marketing Support

  • Client

    FA_MUS Now

Open Project


Our Approach

With a name fused by Fashion & Music and bridging the two together, FA_MUS now represents the uplifting, playful nature of the brand while still appealing to consumers and retail stores. We took this one step further by adding the F&N symbol, baking in the concept of carrying the typographic treatment to be met by a gender neutral feel contrasted with a semi-bold and thin italic styling in the words. The F&N icon reflects the typeface and suggests an idea of layering like the overlapping functions of clothing which plays on the personalization and transformational attributes of the brand. It also suggests interactivity and personalization as the two are fused together to create a diamond shape. This approach takes on the idea of interactivity within the app and platform itself like the interface of a back and forth conversation made between a stylist and their user.


The Identity System

We started with a deep dive audit of their brand in our initial discovery process. The brand needed to be built around delivering a more emotional experience than its competitors. It needed to be distinct, communicate the emotional benefit, and immediately convey a sense of belonging. This helped us to define the direction the company needed to head in.

Through our strategic approach, we identified the opportunities where we could innovate and explore our conceptual approach, giving us a clear direction for what we were to create. We focused on the concept of three unique driving attributes: Personalized, Interactive, and Transformative.

Building a brand upon an all new online user experience for their innovative platform we built and designed a site that would showcased the challenges, solutions, features, platform and functionality. The brand reflects a fun and fashion-forward appeal to the future of shopping. When developing the new site, we crafted a strategy that focused on ensuring the user interaction and benefits among its competitive landscape and the uniqueness to their offerings. Assuring that all pages were user friendly, optimizing for SEO as well as making it multi-screen friendly.

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