February 7, 2022


A gateway into the metaverse. Icomm connects you right into smart communities enabling both online and offline, through world leading wireless communications and blockchain technologies.


To build a brand identity system that captures the essence of this revolutionary interconnectivity platform which allows users to step right into the metaverse from smart communities.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy, Marketing Coordination and Direction, Campaigning

  • Design

    Branding, Identity Design, Guideline System, UI/UX, Custom Media Kit, Animation & Video, Marketing Support

  • Client


Open Project

Who They Are

About the Brand

A gateway into the meta verse. Icomm connects you into smart communities enabling both online and offline interactivity through world leading wireless communications and blockchain technologies. A community network by the community that offers unparalleled benefits such as: cost savings, operation flexibility, privacy protection, and the most important thing: the community decides what digital experience to offer its citizens.

With better performance, safety, and networking, building a community of interaction and connectivity by merging the the digital and physical space is now possible. The future is now.


Our Approach

The new logo is a representation of iComm’s purpose and ambition, inspired by the four layer solution: Wireless Networks, Data On Air, Blockchain on WiFi, and Edge Computing. The interconnected and multi-layered nodes of the tech industry. The three segmented divisions of the letter i and the fourth dot embodies the company’s technological journey between a starting point – the connectivity of a user to interconnecting them into a decentralized smart community that stair-steps them right into the “Gateway of the Metaverse” – The discoveries that can unlock innovative solutions to impact people’s lives.

To activate the new brand, we also developed the tone of voice, signage and an identity system launch for their marketing and press.

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