January 4, 2022

Make NRG

As Make NRG Holdings’ new creative arm and marketing agency, we are helping them create a future built on sustainable resources.


To create a brand identity system that not only captures the mission but also a focus on bringing world saving funds and resources to help turn the world green and become more sustainably friendly.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy, Marketing Coordination and Direction, Campaigning

  • Design

    Branding, Identity Design, Guideline System, UI/UX, Custom Media Kit, Animation & Video, Marketing Support

  • Client

    Make NRG Holdings

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Creating a future built on sustainable resources

The Mission:

MNH identifies compelling and innovative technologies, combines them into unique solutions and super charges them through our connections and capital resources across sustainability projects.

The Vision:

Water, food, energy and connectivity are the basic necessities of life in the 21st Century. Many parts of the world are facing severe scarcity in these resources and it is expected to only get worse.

The Services:

We discover, develop, and design solutions focused on circular economies. We embrace and partner with industry sectors and projects that provide effective and meaningful solutions.

Our vision is to help tackle these challenges using innovative, sustainable technologies and solutions which address and help meet the needs of those around the world who don’t have access to these essentials.


The World Can Do Better Because The World Needs To Do Better

While the team at MNH had a strong vision, they were in need of a strategic partner who could build a clear, concise, and compelling digital experience. Together, we crafted a story that outlined the existing opportunities and corporate positioning, explained the shortcomings of past solutions, and positioned The Holdings’ approach as unique and differentiated.

As Make NRG continues to gain momentum, we continue to work alongside their team to add features and functionality to the new website. A robust resource center and portfolio of innovative world changing technologies page were recently launched as a Phase II enhancement. We look forward to sharing additional updates as we continue to build and maintain the site over time.

To further enhance the MNH identity, we designed a system to create a powerful introduction to the brand and services.


Design for Future Change

From the beginning, the design of the brand needed to feel advanced and progressive. Simultaneously, it also needed to strike a professional tone that would encourage serious investment from business leaders. To capture this delicate balance, we paired the san-serif typeface, Houschka Pro with a rich color palette and unique arrow patterning system that reflects the symbolic change towards the future of sustainability. The overall website design captures a sense of hope and visual momentum as the visitor scrolls throughout the experience.

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