July 23, 2019


Proposed conceptual direction for the brand delivering a new take on the design of the identity with a mood-board and video.


Introducing a conceptual refresh to the overall brand identity system for their corporate merge with the leading American surfing brand, BoardRiders.

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    Brand Strategy, Storyboarding, Campaigning

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    Branding, Identity Design, Animation & Video

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VonZipper specializes in eyewear for surfing, skateboarding, skiing and snowboarding; sunglasses, goggles, and optics.

VONZIPPER is about lifestyle and personality. We are rebellious to the accepted and the norm yet rooted in tradition and culture. We are bold enough to put the FU in FUN and fun enough to kick the OLD out of BOLD. We strive for revolutionary design and style and if it’s not cutting-edge, it’s cut out of the picture.

We are the ones you find to be the life of the party, gathering a crowd and forming a movement. We set the boundaries and set the trends.

Come find the shade when the light gets a little too bright, come find VONZIPPER.

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