04 – Jessica & Gary Wilson – Evolved Meals

In this episode we talk with Jessica & Gary Wilson of Evolved Meals.

We discussed their 100% plant-based meal prep & delivery service that is designed to help people eat to nourish their bodies and eat with intention!

Based in Dallas, TX, Evolved Meals has quite an interesting origin story as an all plant-based food vendor at Motorcross Events. Their goal is not to convert everyone to an animal-free diet, but to encourage people to live and eat healthier while helping to take care of the Earth.

All of their containers and materials used in their packaging are 100% compostable and extend their ideology of leaving a minimal amount of waste.

In the short amount of time that they have been in business, they have seen an incredible amount of interest in their healthy and convenient food options which are priced right around local restaurant costs for quality food. Each meal is hand-made and personally delivered to each one of their members.

“We’re definitely big believers in a positive attitude. What you put out there, you get in return.”

Jessica & Gary Wilson

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To learn more about Evolved Meals, you can find them on the web at evolved-meals.com

Follow them on Instagram @evolvedmeals

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