014 – Sustainable Skincare with Tiffany Buzzatto of DEW MIGHTY

In this episode, we’re talking with Tiffany Buzzatto founder and CEO of DEW MIGHTY – A Concentrated Skin Care Brand, Striving for Zero Waste & Plastic Free.

Tiffany Buzzatto, a Southern California native, has been working in the beauty industry for a decade and a half. She has cultivated an appreciation for the ocean and a healthy outdoor lifestyle while living in her hometown of Hermosa Beach tucked away in Los Angeles’ spectacular South Bay just south of LAX.

This was a very rich conversation about branding and how it should reflect your deeper beliefs as a person and as a company.

“Branding is the thoughtful nature around how people see your brand in a visual form…but it should also show your company’s mantra and philosophy.”


About Our Guest

Tiffany Buzzatto

Tiffany Buzzatto is a 15+ year behind-the-scenes contract manufacturing and chemical supply veteran with a passion for skincare and the environment.

After years of working in the beauty industry, Tiffany was struck by how wasteful it had become, especially after the major retailers began to heavily rely on their sampling programs. The result of this was the production of millions of single-use samples which were designed to be discarded after 1-2 uses. Shocked by such a great amount of waste, she was prompted to research more earth-friendly materials while questioning the common reasons for choices made regarding ingredients and componentry. The end result was DEW MIGHTY, an earth-friendly skincare brand built on their four pillars:

Refuse: Set a positive example

Reuse: Use existing items instead of purchasing new

Reduce: Consume less overall

Recycle: At last resort, additional lifecycles.

Their approach is so thorough that even the box their products ship in is compostable and includes a friendly message reading “PLACE IN COMPOST, DO NOT THROW IN TRASH”.

"Life is only so long and you don't want to regret that you didn't make the leap. If you've got the idea and you've got the strength to keep moving forward, even when people are hypercritical, that's when you know you should move forward." ~  Tiffany Buzzatto

About The Brand

DEW MIGHTY’s compostable packaging

DEW MIGHTY relates back to the concept that if we can circulate the products we use and throw away less into the waste bin we are eliminating a linear consumption pattern. Their pillars of the company are: Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. All aspects of their brand are thoughtfully considered and analyzed for as little waste as possible. This is why they consider themselves a Circular Beauty Brand that strives for Zero Waste & Plastic Free.

As a brand, they focus on innovative formulas & minimal packaging so you can focus on beautiful skin and preventing landfill waste. They consider this way of creating products as being NUDE BUT NOT NAKED™.

Every person should identify in your personal and professional life your board of advisors…You need to have 3 or 4 people that you can go to seek their advice…You should consult and then take the leap when you find the right opportunity. 

Links To Learn More

Follow DEW MIGHTY on Instagram @dewmighty

Learn more about DEW MIGHTY on their website – dewmighty.com


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