015-Spreading Joy Through Floral Design with Courtney Walden of Walden Floral LA

In this episode, we’re speaking with Courtney Walden, founder, and Lead Floral Designer at Walden Floral LA, an established floral studio based in the Los Angeles area, specializing in weddings and events as well as providing local flower delivery services throughout the LA and Malibu areas.

Courtney had some great insights to share with us and some amazing thoughts on the branding and marketing side of the flower industry.

Listen to the episode for the full conversation…

About Our Guest

Courtney Walden is a trained professional dancer who gained interest in the wedding flower industry while preparing for her own wedding. This led her to found Walden Floral LA in 2016 with a goal of spreading joy with their inspiring and unique floral arrangements.

About The Brand

Walden Floral LA is a Los Angeles-based Floral Studio specializing in both live and dried artistic flower arrangements for weddings, corporate events, home delivery, and more. Their brand guidelines, designed and created by Ryan Walden, are well developed and create a feeling of elegance with whimsical touches representing their incredibly imaginative flower arrangements.

You can learn more about them on their website: waldenfloralla.com

Links To Learn More

Follow Walden Floral LA on Instagram @waldenfloral

Browse their collection of floral arrangements available for purchase at https://www.waldenfloralla.com/shop/


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