016 – Creating Audio Mastery with Jesse Springer of Loud Color LA

In this episode, we’re talking with Jesse Springer of Loud Color LA.

As self-proclaimed “Audio Nerds”, Loud Color refers to themselves as The Ad Agency’s Antiperspirant. As a premier recording, sound design, and audio mixing studio based out of Long Beach, CA, they create audio magic better, faster, and cheaper than almost any major recording studio on the West Coast.

This episode offers a great insight into the business of sound and as might be expected, Jesse is definitely our best-sounding guest so far.

Branding is this idea of synesthesia which is this unique phenomenon that some people experience. It’s the firing of all of your senses in reaction to effectively one stimulus 


About Our Guest

Jesse Springer at Loud Color LA

Jesse Springer is an Emmy Award-Winning Voiceover Announcer & Narrator who has worked for a wide variety of entertainment networks and large brands over more than a decade of experience. Towards the end of 2019, he founded Loud Color LA as a premier audio studio in Long Beach, CA.

About The Brand

Loud Color LA creates sound design and aural excitement that will blow your brain. They offer a Sound Design, Mix, Voiceover, and audio post-production facility in Long Beach, California, and offer everything from a world-class studio experience to professional remote sessions.

Links To Learn More

Learn more about Loud Color LA at loudcolor.la

Learn more about Jesse Springer at jessecharlesspringer.com/


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