017 – The I Love Success Philosophy with Peter Jumrukovski

In this episode, we’re talking with Peter Jumrukovski, whose resume includes real estate agent, former athlete, and world-medalist in karate.

Peter is also the host of the I Love Success podcast where he interviews the most successful people on the planet and shares their stories. This episode has a ton of value, especially when it comes to setting a positive mindset geared toward success.

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About Our Guest

Peter Jumrukovski is a Real Estate Agent, World medalist, Author, and host of The I Love Success Podcast where he has met the coolest and most successful people on the planet in order to share their stories.

His guests have included Olympic Medalists, UFC Champions, Guinness World Record Holders, Astronauts, TED Speakers, NYT Best Selling Authors, Successful Entrepreneurs, Hollywood Actors, a 9/11 survivor, and many more.

Peter’s Mission is to help at least 10 million people in 10 years to achieve their dreams.

About The Brand

The I Love Success Philosophy follows three simple steps:

  1. Set Goals
    • Decide what it is that you want and when you want to achieve it.
      Write it down!
  2. Plan
    • Make a plan. What do you need to do on a daily basis to accomplish your goal?
  3. Take Action
    • Take 3 small steps towards your main goal every day. Celebrate every step you take towards your goal!

Links To Learn More

Learn more about Peter and I Love Success at http://www.ilovesuccess.co/

Follow Peter on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/peterjumrukovski/


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