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Earlier this year, we sat down with Dustin Steeve of Lighthouse Escrow. Dustin has played a key role in building a remarkable brand inside what is traditionally a very bland industry. During our conversation, Dustin had a ton to say about branding and its meaning. If you’ve ever asked yourself the question “What is branding?”, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

“The easy thing to do is to just think of brand as design. But really, if brand is anything, it’s culture.”

Dustin Steeve

About Our Guest:

Dustin Steeve is the CEO of Lighthouse Escrow and podcast enthusiast who is passionate about cultivating a free and virtuous society. He writes about entrepreneurship, leadership, American values, politics, and religion. 

“Don’t resent where you start because where you start isn’t where you’re ending. It’s so tempting to compare your chapter 1 to somebody else’s chapter 10.”

Dustin Steeve

About The Brand:

Lighthouse Escrow is a team of escrow professionals dedicated to providing their clients with white-glove service while pursuing ways to improve themselves and their industry.

Links To Learn More:

Learn more about Dustin: http://www.dustinsteeve.com/

Learn more about Lighthouse Escrow: https://www.lighthouseescrow.com/

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