011 – Crafting A Story Brand with Phat Chiem

In this episode, we’re talking all things Story Brand with Phat Chiem of StoryCraft

Phat and his team have created an interactive agency with a unique approach that combines journalism with the latest digital know-how designed to help businesses amplify their message in the most effective way.

During our conversation, Phat shared some incredible insights on the branding process, marketing, and a whole lot more. Keeping in line with his company’s vision that: Your brand deserves great storytelling, he talked a lot about what a Story Brand is and how it can help a company go above and beyond in more than just marketing.

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The Brand Talks: Phat Chiem - StoryCraft Podcast Quote - Every human being is on a transformational journey and we're all trying to be better versions of ourselves. As a brand, what is that transformational journey for our customer. How can we as a brand empower them to live out that journey...We need to give ourselves permission to fail, to learn and to get better.

About Our Guest:

Phat Chiem, co-founder of StoryCraft
Phat Chiem, Co-Founder of StoryCraft

Phat Chiem is the Co-founder of StoryCraft, a digital agency devoted to amazing storytelling and content marketing. Before that, he worked at Yahoo | OZY | Aol | Chicago Tribune

Phat’s Marketing Book Recommendations

About The Brand

StoryCraft’s motto is: Marketing makes noise. Stories make you listen.

As experts in building customized content teams that tell compelling stories, it becomes clear that StoryCraft is not just another content creation agency. Their unique approach means you get all the benefits of an “in-house” content group—without having to hire your own writers and editors. They collaborate with each of their clients to develop the strategy, create great work, and maximize results.

Links To Learn More:

Learn more about Phat Chiem by reading his posts on Medium @phat

Network with Phat on LinkedIN

Learn more about StoryCraft at StoryCraft.me

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