02 – Chase Slepak – Purvey, CPG

In this episode, we’re talking with Chase Slepak. With well over a decade worth of experience in the world of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), he currently works as the Vice President of Sales at Boylan Bottling, Jolt Cola, MASH, Detour Bar, and Overnight Oats Bar.

In addition to this, he’s recently started an exclusive online group called Purvey CPG, where he lends his years of experience in consumer packaged goods to others who are hoping to break through in that space.


“The one thing I like to leave folks with is, be a workhorse. Embrace the dirt. Embrace the unsexy side of this business. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in package design and marketing campaigns, and all of that is very important, but it doesn’t matter if your product never makes it to the shelf. It doesn’t matter if you never get out there and start making sales calls and talking to retailers.” ~ Chase Slepak


To learn more about Chase Slepak, visit: ChaseSlepak.com

To learn more about Purvey CPG, visit their website: PurveyCPG.com

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