April 16, 2019


Taking a deeper look at each one of the team’s athletes – Who They Are and What They Represent.


12 Moods Campaign: Production, creative direction and filming for 3 out of the 12 Skullcandy Moods experience.

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Hailey Langland

Pro Snowboarder, Hailey Langland is Fresh 🧼 Young and inspiring, our Fresh athlete throws down around the world with the purest motive: passion over podiums. Get to know more about Hailey and her impressive snowboard career.


Eero Ettala

Crowned the “king of NBDs” (never-before-done tricks) by Red Bull, Eero Ettala video parts have consistently landed the sacred spot of “ender” in snowboarding movies time and time again. In fact, he’s so well known for throwing down jaw-dropping hammers that the 2016 documentary on his legendary career was aptly titled ‘Ender.’ Eero’s ability to constantly reinvent his approach has led to one of the longest pro-snowboarding careers around. With no signs of stopping anytime soon, Eero continues to be one of the most Elevated figures in the world of action sports.


Jenn Soto

Never one to back down or feel like she doesn’t belong, professional skateboarder Jenn Soto is our featured athlete for the month of Bold. Roll with her from the streets of New Jersey all the way to her first Street League victory in London.

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