May 3, 2021

Our friends at TeamWin approached us with some awesome video production and a nearly-open brief to produce animation design assets for‘s Brand Identity Refresh.


Our goal was to create animatics for the updated logo reveal and build animation assets for their marketing campaigns designed specifically around brand awareness and strategy that helped convey their messaging and education on their products and services. With a blend of tactics in the process, the content helped structure the storyboarding of these pieces by focusing on the use and placement; video, blog posting, email campaigning, and social media posts with animated GIFs. Rental Test Campaign: Graphics-Driven Ads was aimed to get more leads to their apartment rental services and, in turn, get more landlords posting listings on the site. As a part of the campaign, we produced a graphics-driven approach to drive awareness and traffic to the site and app and second, consumer testimonials as the core creative component were included, and were used in conjunction with the graphics-driven spots. What followed was the initial campaign creative targeting Austin and Chicago, with flexibility to be applied to other markets down the road with learnings from this campaign.

  • Strategy

    Storyboarding, Campaigning

  • Design

    Motion Design, Animation

  • Client

Marketing Reels

The Sizzlers

Awareness Campaign

Fair Housing

Graphic Driven Ads

Rental Test Campaign

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