August 11, 2020

Olympic Agency Sports

We approached this design with a modernistic system focused on content organization and layout centered around communicating their mission and message.


Rework the digital space with a design that is built with a content blocking system allowing for overlapping elements aiding in visual lead-ins and digital way-finding.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy

  • Design

    Branding, UI/UX

  • Client

    Olympic Agency Sports

Open Project


A sports agency with representation in an expansive sports industry.

OAS showcases a spectrum of talent, guided by multiple agents who, through their playing and applicable business experience, bring a unique and zealous perspective to each individual client. OAS delivers a versatile representation style for athletes, collaborating and communicating efficiently in order to achieve and progress careers within the sports industry.


How This Came Together

Font pairing:
We chose two serifs: Cinzel and Centennial. These provide the brand with a luxurious yet confident and optimistic feel.

Color Palette:
By utilizing charcoal and white with an accented yellow/gold we were able to convey a sense of energy and positivity.

Web Development:
This fully responsive design utilizes small, yet thoughtful micro-interactions that play well on screens of all sizes. Built on modern web technologies, users will find an experience that is not only enjoyable, but also informative.

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