December 9, 2020

I Heard It On The 806

As the branding & marketing arm for I Heard It On The 806 we have been the driving force for broadcasting, producing, and equipping believers and unbelievers an experience that will ignite a fire of evangelism into their life, we are sharing this story with the world.


To create a brand identity and marketing system launching the powerful testimony of Jon Bower's life of being forever changed by God and the amazing stories of of leading people to Christ in this world.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy, Marketing Coordination and Direction, Campaigning

  • Design

    Branding, Identity Design, Guideline System, UI/UX, Custom Media Kit, Animation & Video, Marketing Support

  • Client

    I Heard It On The 806

Open Project


A Book By Jon Bowers

A story of high adventure and great persecution that will infect you with a greater love and passion for God. After hearing God’s call on tractor in the middle of a hayfield, Jon Bower’s life was forever changed. From converting the town drunk, to seeing the top military brass of Guatemala come to Christ, he has seen the impossible become plausible. Through his mistakes, missteps, and even an unjust prison sentence, the transforming power of the Cross prevails. You will be encouraged and amazed by this story of what God did through one man’s simple obedience.


Our Approach

We started by reading Jon’s book and we were captivated by the powerful transformation and impact God had laid on Jon’s life to help lead people to the Lord. With a focus on evangelism we took to the same approach in how we were to launch this book and get it into the hands of the world.

Through our strategic approach, we identified the opportunities where we could innovate and explore our conceptual approach, giving us a clear direction for what we were to create.

With boldness and love, we’ve illustrated a new driving force right into the Christian based market for this book. We started by illustrating and capturing that very moment of God speaking to Jon on that tractor introducing a modern pop-art/flat style filled with a color palette of warmth. This graphic illustration set the bounds for us to plow into a system to create the brand and all of its visual communication assets for the website, editorial motion design, storyboarding, and beyond.


Website UI/UX Design

We created a One-Page flowable and seamless modern website design experience in a responsive friendly format that is centered around guiding visual aide to visitors. Along with the site design we created and produced a Podcast show that supports and tells in further detail other testimonies of God’s miraculous wonders through Jon’s life experiences of walking with Him. From branding to marketing this system is flushed out in all forms of Email marketing to campaigning the author and his book. Be sure to check it out and visit the website link at the top.

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