True Nature Tea Co.




About project

Brand Story

We are on a mission to bring people back to themselves one sip at a time. Our founder was a overworked, stressed out, ready to snap lawyer. Until he found his true nature – one that is aligned with positivity, love, and happiness. In today’s busy American life, we seek to be more mindful, calm, and understanding. But how? We like to think our teas can give people that moment, just a bit of time, for themselves. To get back to their true nature.


Four basic flavors (all tea from India)- a black tea, a green tea, a white tea, and a masala chai tea.

Concept Statement

With a raw yet organic touch, our design direction leads with the idea of culture. Pulling in the accents of vibrancy and energy that India is known for into the four flavors that True Nature Tea Company offers and reflecting it’s roots in a retro-modern style.

Organic — Fresh — Vibrant — Energetic — Retro-Modern