Kingsley Flower




About project

Kingsley Flower is a medicinal marijuana company based in Southern California. With open minds, open hearts and a unique intention to bring the power of our flowers to our consumers and community, we strive to heal the world through premium indoor cannabis and CBD.

Established at the start of January 31, 2018, as a nudge from the universe immediately following the passing of our owner’s son, Kingsley, we transformed into a business built on intention, transparency and positive energy to carry on the legacy of his name. Everyone at Kingsley is powered by the passion for plant-based solutions and purpose to deliver natural, more sustainable wellness options that allow people to lead healthier, happier lives. We are more than a company; we are a team that works together with focus in everything we do. Our team is filled with passionate and happy people. We believe the positive energy we put into our work and flowers is essential to creating amazing products. This is the heart of our ethos at Kingsley.

We maintain integrity and respect for our plants, products, and customers at each step of this journey. We bring good vibes to all we do. We were built on a foundation of trust and we stand behind our brand promise of providing consumers with consistency, transparency, and accessibility.

Concept Statement

Kingsley Flower is a brand identity system that compliments the premise of the brand’s overall backstory. Treated in a retro-modern typeface and a complimentary sans-serif, the representation follows the format of a first name above in conjunction with its categorical convention below. In support of the product, an iconographic weed leaf sits above as if it were a “King’s Crown”.

The chosen color palette reflects royalty within the medical marijuana industry. The primary color palette is favorably allocated in combination with both dark and light shades, it harmonizes with the product’s design and corresponds to the taste of its consumers.

Kingsley Flower is a medicinal and spiritual product with a high-quality experience.