Art in the Streets




About project

Art in the Streets, a proposed editorial branding piece on street art graffiti that showcases artists from around the world that have pushed their illegal work into a profession. We created an unpublished yet proposed book on this art form to a few publishers to get this off the ground and into book stores along with reaching out to a few art curators to set up an exhibition at MOCA in Los Angeles. The brand identity that we created for this project focuses on the development of a typeface called JomeBolder, which is inspired by one of the showcased graffiti artist’s hand style accented with a chiseled edge providing a sense of urgency, implied movement, action, and representation to its performance. The structuring represents the impulsiveness and dexterity of graffiti providing it with a more modern and timeless feel established by the exhibition themed rebrand for MOCA. This is carried through the Typeface, Institution, Poster Campaign and Spatial, Member Package, Exhibition Guide, and Website.