ARRA Networks

ARRA Networks Presentation Deck




About project

We created this Custom Media Kit Presentation and a One Page Flyer development for ARRA Networks.

This media kit is used as an essential marketing tool for promotional and investment opportunities, raising awareness, showcasing work, and explaining the services ARRA Net provides with their product. These creative elements support the brand’s narrative by introducing eye-catching elemental accents across the layouts of all the content that is being presented.

For their revolutionary product, our conceptual direction was to create a modernistic, fresh, and colorful system designed to inspire everyone interacting with the materials.ARRA Networks is a decentralized last-mile infrastructure platform that dramatically reduces the cost of delivering broadband to new areas. Their platform is a complete solution with built-in billing, automated network management, and regulatory compliance.

Where fiber ends, ARRA begins.

Half of the world’s population has no internet because it’s too expensive to lay fiber. Now, you can keep going with decentralized wireless infrastructure.