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Animal Trapper’s Brand Story

A professional wildlife control company does a lot more than solely trapping nuisance animals, and a great deal of expertise is required in this line of business. From licensing and legal issues, to trap type and size, selection of baits and lures, placement and presentation, safety considerations of both people and animal, care for the animals’ comfort and more, wildlife control companies are constantly adhering to several standards and best practices when conducting their services. One of the most common problems in this industry is the attempt of unqualified persons to trap animals themselves; due to the nature and legality issues of wildlife trapping, it should not be attempted by those who haven’t had proper or extensive training. Animal Trapper was established in order to solve this issue and provide professional trapping services to those in need. As the leading online platform for animal trapping businesses to list their services across the United States, Animal Trapper’s experience in trapping nuisance animals allows for competitive pricing and a reliable team of experts while providing a fast, professional and effective animal removal experience.

Concept Statement

When crafting the Animal Trapper brand mark, we looked to the most common nuisance animal encountered: the raccoon. We took an illustrative approach to the design through a grunge-inspired perspective in order to capture the true essence of a nuisance animal. Taking into consideration the word “trapper” in the brand name, we decided to contain the animal illustration within a typeset lockup as if it were being captured and trapped underneath the words.

We chose the type family Acumin Pro which provides the brand with a balance in the communication design and displays an exceptional degree of sensitivity for text sizes.

Color Palette:
By utilizing a forest green and coral red as the primary colors and complimenting them with secondary colors of tan and white with an accent of lime green, we were able to convey a sense of warmth, trust, and sense of security with the idea that the brand cares for those in need while taking care of the animals in the most humane way possible.

Web Development:
This fully responsive design utilizes small yet thoughtful micro-interactions that play well on screens of all sizes. Built on modern web technologies, users will find an experience that is not only enjoyable, but also informative.