018 – Building Creative Wealth with Ben Klinger

The Brand Talks with Fifty Elevn: Ben Klinger, Creative Wealth Agency

In this episode, we’re talking with Ben Klinger of Creative Wealth Agency. As both a financial advisor and a professional DJ, Ben has a unique perspective on more than just the branding side of business but the personal side as well. Ben has a background in marketing & music and has built a successful career […]

017 – The I Love Success Philosophy with Peter Jumrukovski

The Brand Talks: Peter Jumrokovski - I Love Success

In this episode, we’re talking with Peter Jumrukovski, whose resume includes real estate agent, former athlete, and world-medalist in karate. Peter is also the host of the I Love Success podcast where he interviews the most successful people on the planet and shares their stories. This episode has a ton of value, especially when it […]

016 – Creating Audio Mastery with Jesse Springer of Loud Color LA

The Brand Talks: Jesse Springer of Loud Color LA

In this episode, we’re talking with Jesse Springer of Loud Color LA. As self-proclaimed “Audio Nerds”, Loud Color refers to themselves as The Ad Agency’s Antiperspirant. As a premier recording, sound design, and audio mixing studio based out of Long Beach, CA, they create audio magic better, faster, and cheaper than almost any major recording […]

015-Spreading Joy Through Floral Design with Courtney Walden of Walden Floral LA

The Brand Talks: Courtney Walden, Walden Floral LA

In this episode, we’re speaking with Courtney Walden, founder, and Lead Floral Designer at Walden Floral LA, an established floral studio based in the Los Angeles area, specializing in weddings and events as well as providing local flower delivery services throughout the LA and Malibu areas. Courtney had some great insights to share with us […]

014 – Sustainable Skincare with Tiffany Buzzatto of DEW MIGHTY

The Brand Talks: Tiffany Buzzatto Founder & CEO of DEW Mighty

In this episode, we’re talking with Tiffany Buzzatto founder and CEO of DEW MIGHTY – A Concentrated Skin Care Brand, Striving for Zero Waste & Plastic Free. Tiffany Buzzatto, a Southern California native, has been working in the beauty industry for a decade and a half. She has cultivated an appreciation for the ocean and […]

013 – Feeding The World with Lizzie Meyer of Soup Goddess

The Brand Talks: Lizzie Meyer - Soup Goddess

In this episode, we’re talking with Lizzie Meyer, founder of Soup Goddess Soup Goddess is a Los Angeles based Soup Restaurant with one mission – to Feed the World! For every bowl that they sell of their vegan soups, they give a bowl for free to those in need. Lizzie has kept their brand tightly […]

012 – The Future of Self-Employment with Uri Bar-Joseph of Formations

The Brand Talks: Uri Bar-Joesph Formations

In this episode, Michael Nease, Matthew Jones, and Landon Thurman are talking with Uri Bar-Joseph, co-founder and COO of Formations. Formations is a financial management solution designed to give self-employed individuals the support they need to thrive in today’s ever-changing economy. This was a very rich conversation that covered everything from taking the leap into […]

011 – Crafting A Story Brand with Phat Chiem

The Brand Talks: Phat Chiem - Story Craft

In this episode, we’re talking all things Story Brand with Phat Chiem of StoryCraft Phat and his team have created an interactive agency with a unique approach that combines journalism with the latest digital know-how designed to help businesses amplify their message in the most effective way. During our conversation, Phat shared some incredible insights […]

010 – David Herrmann – Herrmann Digital

The Brand Talks: David Herrmann - Herrmann Digital

Back in May, our team had a great conversation with David Herrmann of Herrmann Digital. David is an expert on all things Digital Marketing and advertising and had some amazing insights to share with us, especially in this ever-changing market that we’re all in right now. David’s wealth of experience in good times and in […]

09 – Dustin Steeve – Lighthouse Escrow

The Brand Talks: Dustin Steeve - Lighthouse Escrow

Earlier this year, we sat down with Dustin Steeve of Lighthouse Escrow. Dustin has played a key role in building a remarkable brand inside what is traditionally a very bland industry. During our conversation, Dustin had a ton to say about branding and its meaning. If you’ve ever asked yourself the question “What is branding?”, […]

08 – David Everett Strickler – AMA Los Angeles

The Brand Talks: David Everett Strickler - American Marketing Association Los Angeles

About The Episode: In early May of this year, we sat down to talk with David Everett Strickler, president of the American Marketing Association Los Angeles. He had a lot to say about branding and persevering through difficult times. Listen to the episode for the full conversation! For more information on David Everett Strickler: Twitter: […]

Lia Zneimer – WeWork

The Brand Talks: Lia Zneimer - WeWork

Episode 007 In this episode, we’re speaking with Lia Zneimer, the Head of Social Media at WeWork. During our talk, we discussed her journey, shaping their brand online and a whole lot more. “Less is more. If you don’t have anything to say, there’s no need to say it just to say something.” ~ Lia […]