Lia Zneimer – WeWork

The Brand Talks: Lia Zneimer - WeWork

Episode 007 In this episode, we’re speaking with Lia Zneimer, the Head of Social Media at WeWork. During our talk, we discussed her journey, shaping their brand online and a whole lot more. “Less is more. If you don’t have anything to say, there’s no need to say it just to say something.” ~ Lia […]

06 – Johan Khalilian – Being Your Authentic Self

The Brand Talks Podcast: Evolved Meals -Johan Khalilian

In today’s episode, Landon Thurman and Matthew Jones join Mike Nease as we talk with author, speaker, and coach Johan Khalilian. We talked a lot about the changes and difficulties that we’re all going through right now, and Johan had some great insights on personal branding and being your authentic self. “Do it for the […]

05 – Brent Totty – VOLV

The Brand Talks Podcast: Evolved Meals -Brent Totty - VOLV

In this episode, we talk with Brent Totty of VOLV – a platform that creates AI virtual assistants for coaches, trainers, and content creators that helps drive their nutrition, recovery, and fitness recommendations to their clients in the moments throughout their day. Brent had a lot to say about his experience starting new companies over […]