04 – Jessica & Gary Wilson – Evolved Meals

The Brand Talks Podcast: Evolved Meals - jessica and Gary Wilson

In this episode we talk with Jessica & Gary Wilson of Evolved Meals. We discussed their 100% plant-based meal prep & delivery service that is designed to help people eat to nourish their bodies and eat with intention! Based in Dallas, TX, Evolved Meals has quite an interesting origin story as an all plant-based food […]

03 – Jonathan Eppers – VYBES

The Brand Talks Podcast Episode 2 - Jonathan Eppers - VYBES

In today’s episode, we’re talking with Jonathan Eppers, CEO and founder of VYBES, a premium wellness beverage designed to bring calm & balance to the mind & body. What’s unique about VYBES is that it’s made with 25mg Hemp CBD. VYBES is doing amazing things not just in the world of CBD products, but in […]

02 – Chase Slepak – Purvey, CPG

The Brand Talks Podcast Episode 2 - Chase Slepak, Purvey CPG

In this episode, we’re talking with Chase Slepak. With well over a decade worth of experience in the world of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), he currently works as the Vice President of Sales at Boylan Bottling, Jolt Cola, MASH, Detour Bar, and Overnight Oats Bar. In addition to this, he’s recently started an exclusive online […]

01 – Alexa Silvaggio – Savage Los Angeles

The Brand Talks Podcast Episode 2 -Alexa Silvaggio, Savage Los Angeles

In this week’s episode, we speak with Alexa Silvaggio of Savage Los Angeles. Savage is a unique brand whose focus is steering people away from the concept of guilty pleasure and more in the direction of believing in pleasure done well. Savage manufacturers a line of luxury chocolate bars, which are packaged in 100% sustainable […]